Camara Desportiva APPHULKCAMPRO

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APPHULKCAMPRO is the camera aimed at all users and outdoor sports professionals, motor, skydiving, swimming, surfing, etc...

The HULK CAM PRO is our most advanced camera. This portable camera can be mounted on almost any equipment with countless accessories and is water resistant up to 20m.

Its technology allows professional video capture with an angle of 142 ° in 1080 and 172 ° in 720p. It allows photo captures in 16 megapixels at a resolution of 4608x3456.

Record your exploits with a camera as tough as HULK!

Video Performance

Theater-quality video capture professional type and low light conditions.

Its technology allows professional video capture at an angle of 142 ° in 1080 and 172 ° in 720p

Photographic Performance

Its photographic performance capture images at 16 megapixels with a resolution of 4608x3456.

High Resolution CMOS Sensor

Its graphics driver and 5-megapixel CMOS sensor offer all the necessary potential.

It will ensure the beauty of HD, even in low light

Four recording modes

Record as you want thanks to its four recording modes, normal recording, loop recording, motion detection recording and screenshot recording.

Explore with your rear TFT Screen

Its rear screen allows you to view all the menus and advanced settings from the camera, besides being able to see your videos and photos.

Angular Vision

Its lens captures a 142 ° angular field in 1080 and 172 ° in 720p

Two photo capture modes

it’s two capture modes, normal and automatic allow you to take pictures of your adventures.

Video output HDMI and AV

Play your videos directly on your TV in 1080p via its HDMI output,

If your TV is old you can also play your videos through the AV output


Its 1800 mA battery performance guarantees several hours of non-stop video recording

Storage Capacity

Its micro sd card slot allows you to have up to 32GB storage